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QUAD stroller

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Quad, innovation that takes you anywhere.
Quad is a new concept of trio that combines extremely modern and technical appearance with sturdiness and the ability to travel even the roughest terrain. That’s thanks to the large wheels fitted with ball bearings and the innovatively designed chassis, that grants it lightness and sturdiness. The linings emphasize the particular “cross over” appearance with fabrics that draw their inspiration directly from nature and range from the texture of jute, the lightness of linen and the softness of Mélange Jersey. Thanks to the solid handle it can be pushed comfortably with one hand only and the chassis locking system - Inglesina patent - makes it possible to close and reopen it easily with one hand only. The carrycot, extra large and designed according to the latest safety standards, has a wraparound shape that ensures a high level of protection. Pre-arranged for car transport, by means of the special optional Inglesina Car Kit, it assures comfortable and safe travelling for little ones. The stroller has reversible seat to be easily turned towards mummy or the outside world. Thanks to the wide, armchair-effect seat, it is suitable to accommodate the child from the earliest months of life and is equipped for all seasons thanks to the padded leg cover, rain cover and foldaway hood with sun shade extension. The Huggy car seat, with its cocooning shape, provides greater protection from side impacts, while the inclination angle of the backrest offers more comfort to the child. The structure is also fitted with innovative air vents that promote internal stroller aeration. A car seat ideal to be used either in the car or on strolls, attached to the chassis.
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